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23rd October 2018 14:08 UTC

wish list

A wish list service from wishrepublic. Create a list of what you have always wanted and people can come visit, or you can email it to your friends. It is easy to use and takes the hassle out of telling everyone what you want for Christmas, your birthday or your wedding - just set up a gift registry for each occasion.

In order to set up your list(s) you will first have to register. Once registered you will then be able to create lists in the wish list section. You can set up as many different lists as you want.

You can:

  • set up and manage multiple lists - especially useful for different occasions
  • send your lists to your friends and family
  • set up a buddy list for your friends and family so you can find their lists easily
  • set up an online diary / calendar of reminders for birthdays, weddings, etc
  • specify your own gift categories
  • choose one of the different themes for this website
  • add multiple email addresses to allow people to find you whatever email address they have for you
  • change your password
  • Send us feedback about the site. We welcome any comments on how the site can be improved or requests for features you feel would make the site better.

Search for your friends and family by clicking on search at the top of this page - simply type in the email address of the person you are trying to find.

birthday list
birthday list
Set up a birthday list so that all your friends and family can get you exactly what you want.
wedding gift registry
wedding gift registry
Set up an online wedding gift registry so that all the people you have invited can get you exactly what you want for that special day - wedding gift ideas for your friends and family.
christmas gift list
christmas gift list
Set up a Christmas wish list to get all the gifts you want on 25th December from your friends and family.
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